Want to be an Anti-Homophobia Warrior? Volunteer with T.E.A.C.H.!


Volunteer with T.E.A.C.H. at Planned Parenthood Toronto!

Meet new people, learn new skills and fight homophobia!

Teens Educating and Confronting Homophobia (T.E.A.C.H.) is currently recruiting youth volunteers ages 16 to 23 from diverse backgrounds and all gender identities and sexual orientations to fight against discrimination and hate.

T.E.A.C.H. is a dynamic group of youth who facilitate anti-homophobia workshops in schools and community settings to challenge the myths and attitudes that lead to homophobia and discrimination.


- Free training! Learn about public speaking, workshop facilitation, anti-oppression, conflict resolution and effective storytelling.
- A chance to work with an amazing group of youth volunteers!
- An opportunity to educate peers about homophobia and heterosexism!
- Lots of support, resources and fun!
- Satisfaction gained knowing that you're supporting a great cause!


- A one-year volunteer commitment that includes completing 25 hours of mandatory training in October and November. Most training sessions are held downtown on Thursday evenings from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.
- Attendance at bi-weekly meetings on Thursday evenings from December through July.                         
- A willingness to work with and learn from others. 


If you're between the ages of 16 and 23 and you're interested in volunteering with T.E.A.C.H., please take a moment to fill in our Volunteer Application Form. You can find it by going to http://www.ppt.on.ca/volunteer.asp  and clicking on the “Peer Facilitators with T.E.A.C.H.” link you’ll find at the bottom of the page.  

The next FREE training begins in October 2012!


If you have any questions or if you want to learn more about T.E.A.C.H. and our volunteer opportunities, please feel free to comment, e-mail teach@ppt.on.ca, or call 416-961-0113 x157.   You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/teachtoronto
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THE JULY REVOLUTION - the protection of the ideas of social justice

THE JULY REVOLUTION - the protection of the ideas of social justice
             In July 2011 finally revealed opportunism Zyuganov, reflecting the interests of the bourgeoisie within the Communist movement. Finally evident that Zyuganov seeks to benefit only for himself in harm to the cause of building communism, to save the power and re-enter the State Duma of Russian Federation. Posing as the defender of the working man, and acting on behalf of the Communist party, Zyuganov with the bourgeoisie hinders the passage of the power of the representatives of the working people, giving seats in the Duma representatives of business, what discredits the socialist idea. To do this, out of the Communist Party of Russian Federation expelled activists that, in the elections to legislative bodies on party lists is the abolition of the right to free elections to legislative bodies. Appeals in the courts and other organs of the state make it impossible to protect the right to free elections, and consequently the right to establish laws himself for working people. The most striking example of the abolition of the authorities the right to free elections to legislative bodies - is the example of making and using the election commissions in the 2007 election in Mordovia, the second and nowhere registered voting papers.
             In spite of my presentation to the authorities of the second and nowhere registered voting papers, guilties did not suffer from punishment. Moreover, Merkushkin in whose interest was released this second edition of the voting papers, the president was re-appointed for another term head of the republic Mordovia. These facts testify to the complete abolition of the rights of working people for free elections.
             Conclusions from this - if the authorities did not accepted by any public measures to prevent violations of people's right to free elections to legislative bodies by the example of manufacture and use of electoral commissions in the 2007 election in Mordovia, the second and nowhere registered voting papers and none of the perpetrators to responsibility is not involved, it means second edition of the voting papers did everywhere. Found the existing system of abolition of the rights of the people to free elections to legislative bodies. Accordingly, if the government abolished the right of people to free elections - that and, consequently, there is no recognition of the legitimacy of the government itself with all its consequences.
             At the same time, the bourgeois Zyuganov's Communist Party, began get rid of the Communist Party activists, who unmasked the authorities in the abolition the right of people to free elections. These examples illustrate the coordinated actions of the bourgeois Zyuganov's part of Communist Party against the interests of working people.
             That is why the followers of the teachings of Lenin, as opposed to the bourgeois Zyuganov's Communist Party and for protect the ideas of social justice in July 2011 began to form COMMUNIST MOVEMENT REVOLUTIONARY FRONT (abbreviated - CMRF).
             Here is something to strive for CMRF:
             Is established true power of the people. People's authority shall have the right to implement through his referendum. This means that the people realizes its power through a referendum on which decisions are binding and have the force of law after the official publication of the results of the referendum.Any agreement of other bodies is not required. The essence of the implementation of the power of the people through a referendum that the referendum is an expression of popular will, and the referendum commission only the executive bodies are obliged to facilitate and assist in implementing the people's right to a referendum. Any other use is unlawful, that is punishable.
             Is established the right to free elections to legislative bodies. This means that any restriction of this right is illegal, that is punishable.
             Repealed the presumption of innocence to the official. This means - the official responsible. For example, established the fact that the officer has owned more than officially received revenue - he is must to prove in court that the income earned by legal means. Not proven - then he expects the court and the confiscation of property.
             Repealed the presumption of innocence for the oligarchs have received property from the state. This means that the oligarch has received a cement plant at a reduced rate must prove in court that the cement plant was obtained legally. Not proven - he expects the court and the confiscation of property.
             Repealed statute of limitations for prosecution of government officials, judges and prosecutors. That is, these individuals will must to answer for their actions, which managed to hide with the help of his official position and evade responsibility by virtue of statute of limitation of criminal prosecution.
             Is established the election of judges. This means that judges of all courts will be selected on a competitive basis with the possibility of early withdrawal by voters.
             Changing tax policy and taxes is set according to income level. Completely abolished taxes on all types of income, for providing a living wage, and set a decent living wage. Taxes of big business is set to 90%.
             July 2011 is the beginning and starting point for all subsequent events how the ultimate point of feeling of a lack of protection ideas of social justice in other ways. The name itself - REVOLUTIONARY FRONT of speaks for itself - it is about protecting the idea of ​​social justice through REVOLUTION. This means - the REVOLUTION for to protect the idea of ​​social justice is not only not excluded, but recognized in the prevailing conditions of tyranny and oppression as the most effective way. All the responsibility that people was brought to this state rests on the detaining authorities. At the same time, other methods to protect the ideas of social justice are not excluded, since they allow to expose the true essence of the anti-people regime.

             Lawyer Ivan Elaev, Russia, phone: +79510538999, e-mail: I.A.Elaev@mail.ru 

Toronto Queer West Arts Festival Monday August 8 to Sunday August 14, 2011

Grab a seat! Curtain up! Light   the lights! The show is about to begin tonight!

– How We're Stretching Queer Boundaries

The Queer West Arts and Culture Community is committed to ushering in a necessary and more contemporary attitude in reaction to the ever-changing threads of fiber that fashion the notion of “queer” in its entirety. The festival will view the complexity of queer identity beyond set places, spaces and community settings and bring diversity to the forefront of all programming. Art and performance will be utilized as the vehicle to show queer identity as a contested space. The Queer West community emphasizes a sharing of space and the exchanging of ideas as a political act, within and outside of the Queer West Village.

Though queers may converge and diverge on particular spaces to create a community, the heart of the festival is to emphasize however different our identities, we all share our humanity. Artists and performers will convey genuine and relative ideas across multi-disciplinary forms to entertain, educate and enlighten.

Now firmly established as a major event, after 11 years within the city's lesbian and gay social calendar the TORONTO FESTIVAL OF QUEER CULTRE has something for everyone, from a film festival to spoken word to a political unConference to classical -1368168436  music, from a ramble in the ART AND DESIGN DISTRICT to a QUEER CABARET whether you're gay, straight, lesbian, bi, trans, queer or confused there's something to inspire, challenge or entertain you.

Monday August 8 -- "What Do Queer Neighbourhoods do for Cities?" - A Queer Urban Space UnConference - Guest Presenters: Professor Catherine J. Nash, Brock University, Michael Went, Co-author of Community Advisory Panel recommendations to Pride Toronto. Michael Erickson, is a high school teacher, community organizer, photographer and sometimes politician. Rebecka Sheffield, a volunteer with Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives Final event of three part series on Queer Neighbourhoods in Toronto. Masaryk-Cowan Community Centre FREE

Wednesday August 10 -- Queer Eyes and Queer Ears - Bicycle Art Gallery Tour & After Party (Visiting 6 different galleries) from 7 PM to 9:30 PM. An average of 29 minutes is alotted to each visit. Begins in Trinity Bellwoods Park and ends at Naco Gallery & Patio. FREE

Thursday August 11 - A Queer Story: A Writing Workshop -- featuring Authors; Farzana Doctor, Vivek Shraya and Zoe Whittall. Where: Another Story Bookshop Address: 315 Roncesvalles Avenue. Start: 7 PM. Cover: PWYC (suggested $5)

Friday August 12 - Alterna-Queer Music Extravaganza -- "240 mind-blowing minutes of Caribana Soca, explosive dance, electrifying rock and a few ballads to bring you down. Tonight we are bringing you Criztal-Jay (A new discovery), Green Splat band (Lesbians love them) , Mark Cassidy (Back by popular demand) and Sista Fista A female fronted indie rock band. Where: Mitzi's Sister Address: 1554 Queen Street West Doors: 7 PM for dinner Show Start: 10 PM Cover: PWYC (with all proceeds going to performers)

Saturday Evening August 13 -- Take back the Dyke Night with Sugar Bush DJ HOME REKHA is back behind her velvet, candle-lit table, playing you those ass-shaking, scream-a-long, grinding, foot stomping tunes. FREE Naco Gallery and Cafe, 1665 Dundas W. Queer West Village, Toronto Ontario.

Sunday August 14th, 2011 -- Queer West Fest Smash Words Poetry & Chinese Music Concert Featuring some of Toronto's best known Spoken Word Artists: Phlip Arima (Poet & MC), Criztal-Jay, Duncan Armstrong, Melissa Benner, Philip Cairns, Lishai, Yehuda Fisher, and a Chinese Classical Guqin Music Concert with Juni L. Yeung. Where: The Lula Lounge. Address: 1585 Dundas St. West Doors: 3 PM. Start: 4 PM to 8 PM. Cover: PWYC Minimum $5 (with all proceeds going to performers)

FULL FESTIVAL DETAILS   http://queerwest.org/queerwestfest_official_events.php



Hello everyone! I'm throwing a party on June 24th at the Gladstone Hotel and I'm really excited about it!

The Gladstone Hotel presents the first GAY-STRAIGHT ALLIANCE DANCE PARTY

Sorry Catholic School Board, there's nothing you can do to stop our fun. We're throwing a party!

These AMAZING FANTASTIC Line-up of "GAY" & "STRAIGHT" DJ's will keep you dancing:
Brendan Canning (Broken Social Scene)
Cozmic Cat (Cherry Bomb/ First Fridays / Soul'd Out)
Steve Rock (Motown Party / 90s Party)
and Shane MacKinnon (who does everything!!!!)

Special dance performance at midnight by the spirit squad JAT

Sorry kids, this one is 19+ only. Make sure to bring id.

$5 before 11pm, $10 after

Private school uniforms encouraged.

We will be accepting donations, and partial proceeds will go towards a local high school GSA group.

Click here for the Facebook event

This party will follow the Opening Reception of the Gladstone Pride Exhibition "That's So Gay: The New Queer". Curated by Sholem Krishtalka.
Queer isn't just a way of effing -- it's a way of being.
That's So Gay Facebook Event

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June 29th - Trans Theatre Under the Stars

As part of their Pride programming, The 519 Community Centre is hosting an evening of music and film.

On Wednesday, June 29th, join members of the trans community and allies in Cawartha Square Park for "Trans Theatre Under the Stars."

The evening starts at 7:30pm and will feature music by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan and performances by members of the local trans community.

From 10-11pm come watch Carolina Valencia's acclaimed documentary, "Voodoo Woman," an intensely personal film following her path into Santeria and womanhood. She will be on-site to give a director's talk prior to screening.

This event is free and everyone is welcome!

Old Friends, New Friends, LGBTQ Refugees, Newcomers to Canada - PRIDE Ride.

Pride in our Queer cycling community. A 131 members now. Sunday's June 12 Cloudy. No rain in forecast ---- Peter Marczyk: studing social work at YorkU. is your tour guide on Sunday the 12th.

Today we start the tour on Wards Island. We leisurely tour the island's many bike paths and historic homes, before head down to wooden bike path by the lake, cycling to Centre Island and then onto Harlan’s Point. There are some male riders that may want to stroll aka cruise the Nude (Bum) Beach and leave the group. The main group and then circle back to Centre Island parkland picnic area, near beach and food stands, for some leisure time. (BTW the Ride Leader always travels with tire patch kit, pump and small medic-kit).

What to bring. Pack a few sandwiches, water or pop. There are concession food stands near picnic area, if you’re not domesticated. We strongly advise you wear a Helmut, mandatory for those under 18.

Today we start the tour on Wards Island. We leisurely tour the island's many bike paths and historic homes, before head down to wooden bike path by the lake, cycling to Centre Island and then onto Harlan’s Point. There are some male riders that may want to stroll aka cruise the Nude (Bum) Beach and leave the group. The main group and then circle back to Centre Island parkland picnic area, near beach and food stands, for some leisure time. (BTW the Ride Leader always travels with tire patch kit, pump and small medic-kit).

What to bring. Pack a few sandwiches, water or pop. There are concession food stands near picnic area, if you’re not domesticated. We strongly advise you wear a Helmut, mandatory for those under 18.

The Details: FREE Sunday June12 No Membership. Everyone meets at Toronto Ferry Docks at 12 Noon. Watch for sign on a bike GWBIKEClub outside main gate public benches. Wards Island Ferry leaves docks 12.45 PM sharp. (This will give us a bit of leisure time, late arrivals, before joining ticket lineup at 12. 25 PM) The Ferry is not run by TTC. (Round trip) prices are: Adults $6.50 Students under 19 and Seniors $4.00. Centre Island Ferry leaves dock for The City 3.30 pm, 4.30 pm and 5.15 pm. Links nature trails, schedules and fares: toronto.ca/parks/island/ferry-schedule.htm | www.toronto.ca/parks/pdf/?island/?toronto_island_?map.pdf | http://queerwest.org/bikeclub.php Homo Bike Central cell phone :::: 416-879-7954 RSVP Peter: gwbikeclub@gmail.com Free no membership required


Summer Camp Looking for Kitchen Staff Volunteers!

Camp Ten Oaks 2011

Summer Camp Looking for Kitchen Staff Volunteers!

Apply by April 15, 2011

Are you an eager cook who is excited by giving back to your community, creating magical outdoor moments for kids, and being part of a dynamic kitchen staff team? Then consider applying!

Camp Ten Oaks is a one-week sleep-away camp for children and youth ages 8 to 17. Our camp community is for the children of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirit, queer) and/or non-traditional families as well as youth who are themselves LGBTQ.

Camp Ten Oaks is currently accepting applications for

- Kitchen Director

- Kitchen Staff

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(Pride Toronto) Trans pride open meeting: Tomorrow!

The Pride Toronto Trans March co-coordinators would like to invite community members and organizers to join us for the second Trans March Committee/Community Meeting of 2011.

As the first meeting, this meeting is open to EVERYONE. We want to continue hearing your feedback and concerns about the trans march, stage, afterparty and space. We are going to focus on other important aspects as well- budget, mandate of the committee, etc.

As co-coordinators we are dedicated towards creating transparency around the organization and implementation of Trans Pride. A detailed agenda will be available before the meeting at the “Pride Toronto Trans March 2011” facebook page and blog (www.transpridetoronto.wordpress.com). Please “like” this page for up-to-date information. We will also be emailing and posting the agenda and outcome of the meeting. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please email us.

We encourage those unable to attend the meeting to offer feedback/ concerns/suggestions via email to transmarch@pridetoronto.com.

We would love to hear from trans and gender variant people about the specifics they would like to see included in Pride. We have no interest in continuing the history of tokenism and exclusion that has been the experience of the trans and gender variant community thus far. We do need your help by volunteering your ideas and time and/or being on the committee so that we can accomplish everything we as a community need and want out of the festival.

**It is mandatory for individuals attend THREE committee meetings to become a Committee Member** Committee members can vote at Pride Toronto general meetings.

Trans March Committee Meeting

519 Church Street Community Centre

Wednesday April 6, 2011


Room 204

Thank you,

Pride Toronto Trans March Co-coordinators